Farmer – is a huge, universal script for any type of chronicle. Has lots of in-build function for any official and custom private server!

  • Easily configurable any kind of gatekeeper. Default NPC, Community board (ALT+B), Global teleporter (GoD+) or even through custom item
  • Easily configurable any kind of buffer. Default NPC (PTS / Java), Community board (ALT+B) or even custom through custom item
  • Few variaties to bypass custom dialogues on private servers to use Buffer or Teleporter from NPC or Community board (ALT+B)
  • Possibility to make a rebuff on farming spot, where it is possible to do with Community board (ALT+B) or custom item
  • In-build path recorder. Possibility to record your route to the spot without additional programs
  • Spot randomizer. Randomly chooses farming spot and route to it after teleportation to certain location
  • Lots of functions to prevent stuck, client freezing, automatic detection of champion monsters, client cache cleaning and much more
  • Automatic buying, selling, mailing, warehouse deposit is build to the script as well with possibility to make force teleport to town for restock