Anticaptcha – Script for automatic recognition and solve of captchas that pop-up in the game (image & text)

All scripts working from inactive bot window, so you will be able to run your own script/plugin! Current anticaptcha list: 

L2Polska captcha, L2Free captcha, L2Amerika captcha, L2Doom captcha, L2Abror captcha, L2Extreme captcha, L2Damage captcha, L2Miracle captcha, L2Reality captcha, L2Serenity captcha, L2EternalSin captcha, L2Rip captcha, L2Brave captcha, L2Predator captcha, L2Kabal captcha, L2Jail captcha, L2Posidonia captcha, L2Flector captcha, L2LovelyAden captcha, L2Invictus captcha, L2Cedric captcha, L2Exiliumworld captcha, L2Stars captcha, L2Lionna captcha, L2Mafia captcha, L2Ramona captcha, L2Tales captcha, L2Toxic captcha, L2Spirit captcha, L2Neo captcha, L2RiseAge captcha, L2War captcha, L2Drip captcha, L2PwSoft captcha, L2AceWar captcha, L2Neo captcha, L2Viserion captcha, L2Gamers captcha, L2World captcha, L2Ancient captcha, L2Reborn captcha, L2RazorRevival captcha, L2Thegame captcha, L2Counter captcha, L2Sudamerica captcha, L2Oma captcha, L2Memorium captcha, L2Insolence captcha, L2Lineagedos captcha, L2Midland captcha, L2Royale captcha, L2Blackage captcha, L2Moon captcha, L2Kings captcha, L2Kingdoms captcha, captcha, L2Vendetta captcha, L2Gabbia captcha, L2Aztec captcha, L2Kira, captcha, L2Echo captcha, L2Trinity captcha, L2Luxury captcha, L2Duria captcha, L2Komiwars captcha, L2Frenzy captcha, L2Cartel captcha, L2Eclipse captcha, L2Latinos anticaptcha, L2Atlas anticaptcha

The one and only option to know about anticaptcha scripts, is that you have to run them from inactive window of Adrenaline Bot
Click to watch an example – here