Tateossian – Plugin-script for automatic TTS recipes quest “Egg Delivery” and “Delivery of Special Liquor” completion

  • Works on every Interlude – HighFive server (PTS/Java)
  • Automatically finds shortest pathing to required NPC
  • Possibility to choose pathing Beolin > Pulin.. or Beolin > Kuber..
  • Uses GPS module during movement, in this case can be bypassed any type of rocks and other obstacles
  • Bypasses all known ways to protect dialogues (dynamic bypass and similar)
  • Rebuffing with community board (ALT+B) or through NPC (PTS/Java)
  • Clearing client cache memory to prevent fps looses
  • Randomisation of dialogues to avoid spamming and to be more human like
  • Possibility to put received recipes to clan warehouse (CWH)